Monday, 4 June 2012

Hola Amigos

I did it again.

Vanished for a while.

No apologies from me though, I didn't really have much to say and I was quite simply so busy. Busy doing what, I'm not really sure? I don't feel like I've achieved much, but I was busy. Really.

I had my birthday last week and I am no longer a youth. I have hit the eyewateringly sensible sounding age of 25. I can only hope that if I keep watching Disney films and surrounding myself with all things childish that I'll actually reverse-age next year and become 24 again.

I am currently on a geriatrics placement. That means that except for when I'm on call and covering CDU my life is a giant ward round, board round and "social placement service". It's really not the career for me. I get so angry at all the granny-dumping that my blood is frequently boiling and there's steam coming out of my ears. I've also developed a massive fear of dementia.

Next week (probably after a lot of administrative drama) it is FY1 sign off time. Then I just have to sit my MRCPCH part 1 on the 12th (don't ask how revision is going, it's not.) and then it's time to chill out a little bit in the run up to becoming an FY2. I've done nearly all my on-calls already too so my last 2 months at work will not be as hectic last the previous 2.

My first FY2 job is in A&E. Really really looking forward to it as I currently love being on call covering the acute medical and geriatric takes. I am guessing that I won't have a life though, with the notorious "divorce rota" of A&E.

If I keep typing I'll run out of things to say for the next month or two (again), so I'm going to keep this entry short and sweet.

Here's hoping I blog again soon!

Dr Sunshine xXx