101 things in 1001 days

I did this on my last blog. A challenge to complete a list of 101 things I want to complete over 1001 days.

I got the idea from Day Zero Project

I failed miserably. I probably did about 1/3 of the things. This was for a number of reasons including distraction and probably more importantly poor list making. A lot of the things were hard to quantify, so it made it difficult to decide if I'd done them or not, so I'm trying again with a new list. I'm going to split the list into topics to make it a little easier to navigate.

3rd July 2011 - 30th March 2014

Current progress 19/101 

1. Complete FY1
2. Complete FY2
3. Do an audit
4. Apply for specialist training
5. Teach medical students 29/09/11 first of many teaching sessions I have agreed to do. This was on paediatric BLS. It was fabulous, but exhausting.
6. Sit a postgraduate exam

Cooking & Food
7. Master macarons
8. Make a souffle
9. Make homemade custard
10. Learn how to sharpen knives with the big metal stick - 21/07/2011 Got PapaSunshine to show me how. Apparently it doesn't actually sharpen though, it straightens the blade which makes it act sharper.
11. Bake a Christmas cake 05/10/11 Baked it today, we'll see at xmas what it tastes like.
12. Visit a Michelin starred restaurant
13. Grow a vegetable 10/10/11 I grew chillies and then someone stole them :(
14. Go to a vineyard
15. Make someone breakfast in bed
16. Have a beach BBQ
17. Pick my own fruit
18. Host a dinner party
19. Have a picnic under the stars
20. Eat something I've not tried before - 08/07/2011 I ate whitebait for the first time. It was "interesting"
21. Make pasta from scratch
22. Take my Dad out for dinner 25/08/2011 OK so it was pizza hut after the cinema, but it's a start.
23. Go for afternoon tea
24. Bake an unbirthday cake
25. Make ice-cream from scratch

26. Crochet a blanket
27. See a live sporting event
28. Photograph the alphabet
29. Make a cushion
30. Go rollerskating
31. Try rock climbing
32. Go and watch car racing
33. Swim underwater with my eyes open
34. Have a skiing lesson
35. Join a gym
36. Run 10km
37. Go to a yoga lesson

38. Visit Budapest
39. Visit Barcelona
40. Visit Ireland
41. Go to the Eden Project
42. Ride a tram
43. See Versailles - 08/09/2011 It was lovely, but incredibly busy. Would love a garden like that at home.
44. Go on a river boat
45. Go on a small plane
46. Go on a steam train
47. Have a road trip
48. Go glamping
49. Have a spontaneous weekend away
50. Visit an aquarium
51. Go to the zoo
52. Swim in the Atlanic Ocean

Fashion and Beauty
53. Own a designer handbag
54. Wear bright red high heels
55. Wear lipstick - 04/11/11 Wore red lippy and it looked AMAZING
56. Have a nibbly fish pedicure - 06/08/11 It tickled, but my feet were so soft after.
57. Get myself a Troll Beads bracelet
58. Have a professional haircut (no kitchen scissors!) - 21/07/11 Had my haircut properly, all short and bouncy. Love it.
59. Have my teeth whitened
60. Try contact lenses

61. See a West-End show I haven't seen before
62. See an opera at the royal opera house in London
63. Go to the theatre to see a classic play
64. Watch some live comedy
65. See a ballet - 08/07/2011 Saw Les Enfants du Paradis at the Palais Garnier. Sat in the middle of the FRONT ROW. It was amazing.
66. Go to the midnight showing of a film
67. Go to an outdoor concert - 18/07/2011 Went to Live @ Leeds Castle, was awesome but shame about the rain.
68. Watch a band I haven't seen before - 18/07/2011 A boy band wasn't quite what I had in mind, but I saw The Wanted, who were actually pretty good!
69. Read a book I wouldn't usually choose - 20/07/2011 I read a kind-of-crime book, Where Would I Be Without You by Guillaume Musso. From the blurb on the back it wasn't my cup of tea, but I loved it. Read 95% of it in 1 go.
70. Watch all the Harry Potter films

71. Learn how to skip stones
72. Make a list of 101 things I've already done
73. Stroke a llama
74. Properly parallel park my car
75. Play a board game
76. Put my old favourite CDs on iTunes
77. Go to a Christmas Carol service
78. Have a girly PJ party
79. Watch sunrise and sunset on the same day
80. Have pet fish - 28/08/11 I have 2 Orandas. One called Ponyo, one called Sosuke. They are lovely.
81. Take part in operation beautiful
82. Win the lottery
83. Lie in a hammock
84. Watch fireworks while bundled up warm with sparklers - 05/11/11 Awesome fireworks evening with some of my best friends
85. Build a snowman
86. Go to a fancy dress party - 21/08/11 I dressed as a lion. It was an animal themed fancy dress pub crawl birthday party. We certainly attracted some stares.
87. Feed some ducks
88. Leave my Mum flowers
89. Ride on the back of a motorbike
90. Roll down a sand dune
91. Wear wellington boots for a whole day
92. Have a DVD duvet day
93. Surprise someone with an unexpected gift
94. Donate blood - 14/07/11 They didn't have any custard creams in the biscuit bin. This upset me. Had 2 cups of tea to make up for the disappointment.
95. Convince someone who's never donated blood to donate
96. Dance in the rain -  18/07/11 It rained for half the outdoor concert... the only way to keep warm was dancing both under and away from my umbrella ella ella ey ey ey...
97. Wish on a shooting star
98. Leave an inspirational note in a book for someone to find
99. Have a girly day with my niece and sister
100. Send a postcard to someone I love
101. Write a hand-written letter