Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dear Arrogant Medical Student,

I am writing you this letter because you've really been doing a good job of not only upsetting a lot of junior doctors, but also lots of other people in the hospital. You're also making yourself out to be a right pillock. In the true spirit of constructive criticism I am going to offer you some dos and don'ts to help improve things...

Firstly the don'ts...

1. Do not tell an fy1 "I am practically the same as you, I just don't get paid". You are not. We have a year more experience. We passed finals. We have Dr in our credit cards. Although we have a lot to learn from others you can learn a lot from us.

2. Do not smart talk or back chat seniors either on ward rounds or in teaching. Consultants don't like cheeky, it's not cute it's just rude. You might not respect your seniors but we do, so you won't win points off us for it.

3. Do not under any circumstances be rude to the nurses. They know more than you do about hospital medicine. They will also make your life hell. Chances are they will be grumpy with us too because you have put them in a bad mood.

4. Don't tell me you're leaving the ward while we're insanely busy to have a nap. Help out.

5. Don't refuse to do any "boring" jobs and then expect to get teaching while we are ├╝ber busy. A lot of medicine involves boring jobs so get used to them. Also learn about give and take. If you save us time by writing the blood results in the notes then we will have time to teach.

6. Don't refuse to clerk confused, difficult or stinky patients. Get used to it.

7. Don't run away without doing the jobs you said you would, without having told anyone first.

Now we have the don'ts out of the way there is a lot you can learn from the vast majority of lovely, nice, helpful medical students.

1. Do bake cake. Full drs and nurses are much less grumpy & frazzled.

2. Do offer to help with mundane tasks in exchange for teaching.

3. Do let us know if you can't do certain jobs. We do understand and will definitely help.

4. Smile and be nice to everyone. We work as a team, not only does it better pt care but it makes being at work much nicer.

I hope these tips have been useful and that you'll take this on board. I do feel that if you don't then by the end of next week someone may have locked you in a store cupboard and thrown away the key.

Love & hugs

Dr Sunshine & all her colleagues.


  1. Oh no, they sound horrific! Have you had a word? That's way not cool.

  2. Yours are expected to be on wards, wow. Ours are only expected by the University and Hospital to attend for set teaching - and to get 2 case reports per block.......

  3. Sounds absolutely terrible. I hope that they grow up better, or perhaps they will just become a surgeon :P

  4. I know some med students like this... If only I could forward them this post :p