Sunday, 25 September 2011

Getting Fit

You'd think with all the running around the hospital I do, that I'd have a certain level of fitness. I don't. I've never been very energetic or a big lover of exercise, but I do aknowledge the fact that when I used to force myself to do it regularly I felt a lot better than I do now. My bum also looked nicer.

I am quite a lazy person.

I told myself that this year I was going to change all that and join the gym. I have tried. Not only have I been going with a friend when she gets free passes, but I turned up on 3 different occasions to join the gym, but all 3 times the computer system was down. I saw this as a sign. Clearly someone, somewhere, didn't want me to join.

I came up with a new plan.

I've just ordered a cross-trainer online.

It's only a cheap £70 one, but it's got pretty good reviews. I've also decided that its less of a waste of money than playing £120 to join the gym and then £40 a month when I'll probably be too lazy to go. At least with this cross trainer I can do 15-20 mins every morning and evening without having to drag myself into the car and go all the way to the gym.

It also means I can watch Come Dine With Me while exercising. Win.

Dr Sunshine xXx

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