Sunday, 16 October 2011

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I think on reading the title of this post most people will presume it's going to be a moan, but it really isn't. I know I haven't been blogging much, I'm always so busy, but I thought I could catch you guys up a bit on what I've been upto both in and out of work.

Work has been busy, insane and completely awesome. Every single day I see such a variety of ages, illnesses, interventions and people that I never have a moment to get bored. In those rare moments where things slow down some of the amazing registrars either teach me things, or I teach the medical students.

I'm developing a real love for teaching. We get assessed on our teaching and I was so flattered when the woman who assesses us said I have a natural talent for teaching and that my passion comes across. It's really something that I want to develop more and more.

On the subject of medical students, the current bunch we have are such a friendly lot. One of them cooked a bunch of f1s and some of the other students a roast on Sunday. It was delicious... as was the apple and orange blossom pie I baked for pudding. We then had a big bake off on the Tuesday. I made scrummy dark choc and marschino cherry brownies, but one of the students baked a carrot cake which really stole the show. On Thursday we also had a night of drinks and dancing with them.

It's quite tough finding a mixture of things to do. The temptation is to just always meet at the pub, but then a certain number of people who don't drink feel uncomfortable coming along. I think we've really hit the nail on the head with our bowling, baking and pictionary evenings... even if pictionary does bring out my fiercely competitive side.

This week I'm going to try to take it a bit easier so I can get a little more sleep though. I don't want to get to the stage where I'm napping on the pool table (again...)

As a slightly unrelated aside, good luck to everyone doing their FPAS questions. I remember how scary it was. In fact its scary enough to think that this time next year I'll be applying again, but this time for specialist training. Eek!

Dr Sunshine xXx

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  1. I have to say that we share the love for teaching! I started tutoring about 5 years ago now, and I really enjoy it!