Monday, 24 October 2011

Hell on Earth

500 + screaming girls in a small hall for a dance show.

This was the hell I lived through on Sunday. I got up early, drove 40 miles and was forced to sit through around 10 hrs of middle class teenager grabbing their crotches in street dance and grinding against each other suggestively. Not my idea of cool. To make it worse there was no food and then the drinks vending machine broke. I actually thought that I was going to die in that hall.

Luckly I survived.

I managed to recover today as it was the start of half term. This meant that by lunchtime when we had discharged most of our patients we had more doctors than children. I got to spend my afternoon doing some studying and getting the paeds trainees to quiz me. I even wrote a reflective log for my ePortfolio. Going to have to try to do a few more of them. Turns out speciality training likes to read a print out of them. Argh!

Tomorrow I get the day off to do a course on acute care of adults. I think I've completely forgotten adult medicine so I'm really excited!

Dr Sunshine xXx

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