Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Toy

My laptop has been slowly (and painfully) dying for some weeks now. As I am a doctor of people and not computers there hasn't been much I could do for it. As I did about 40hrs of locum work, at a pretty healthy pay rate, I decided that I could get a new computer...

Then I went into the apple store and madness took hold.

I now have a lovely new baby... My iPad2.

It does pretty much everything I could ever want. I can tweet, blog and watch channel 4 on demand in bed. Life is good.

I am having issues finding a case I want though. There is just so much choice and my decision making is pretty bad. I tried to go to buy a makeshift case in town today, but my town is so backwards that nowhere sold iPad accessories. Also nowhere had any aubergines. I think it should be renamed "bumpkinville". Seriously what kind of place doesn't have aubergines?!

On an unrelated note I have a Halloween party at the end of this month. Should I be a zombie or a pirate?!

Dr Sunshine xXX


  1. I guess it depends how many hours you have worked. If it has been lots of extra hours then going as a zombie might not require too much in the way of preparation, and if there hasn't been too many extra hours then going as a pirate, especially if you go for the Johnny Depp look, is probably a good choice.

  2. zombie!
    i did the zombie with a zip look one year, after seeing it on the metro. Here's something similar i found online, looks awesome, and super easy to do!