Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weekend Guilt

Part of this could be because I'm Catholic (and we're trained to feel guilty about EVERYTHING), but at this time on the weekend I'm always overwhelmed with guilt.

Guilt that I've not tidied, guilt that I've not ironed, guilt from lack of ePortfolio work and lack of revision guilt. I also have too much yummy food guilt and quite often post-cocktail guilt.

I'm now torn with putting away my washing, washing my hair and then doing an hour of eportfolio before bed, or throwing caution to the wind and watching the new Disney DVD I bought over the weekend. I am so rock 'n roll.

This week is going to be a toughie with 3 on calls and 3 days post-take (including post-take from the weekend tomorrow). For those of you who don't know the terminology post-take is the day after the team has been on call, where we have to see ALL the new patients and make sure they all have good management plans. After the weekend this can be actually insane.

Lucky for me I have two rather lovely, clever and pretty medical students.  Not only does this mean they should be good to work with as they seem to have common sense and want to learn stuff, but the fact they are pretty means that they might be able to sweet talk radiology into scans and porters into getting the patients there for the scans. Fingers crossed.

Although the my week ends with a Friday evening on call I then have a 3 day weekend (hurrah for annual leave). This is the first St Patrick's day that I'm not working and I'm old enough to drink, so I shall be celebrating my socks off... starting with watching the rugby and then seeing where the day takes us.

Before then I have (another) presentation to do, as well as all the on calls and post-takes and to top it all off one of the consultants wants me to write a letter to the NEJM about the criticisms we have for a paper I reviewd in journal club. Not too sure how well these criticisms will go down from an FY1...

Dr Sunshine xXx

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  1. Looks like a very busy schedule, eh. No need to feel guilty. :)

    Peny@greys anatomy scrubs