Saturday, 6 August 2011

Organisational Compulsive Disorder

It is very lucky that I am anal about being organised. I seem to have so much going on that being any other way would lead to disaster.

Between actual work, mess present stuff, 3 presentations I'm doing to the paeds dept, my audit, planning to sit post grad exams and teaching medical students I have decided to not only keep my iPhone diary up to date, but have invested in a wall chart planner thing. It is awesome. It comes with stickers and everything. Every time I look at it I get the urge to plan even more stuff to fill it up.

I think the hard thing for me to do will be remembering to organise a bit of chill out time for myself or I will completely burn out. Everything is so exciting at the moment that I'm just go go go. I planned a lie in this morning and work up naturally at 7.30... no mean feat considering I was clubbing last night.

I seem to have fallen into being a real doctor quite well this week. There is a surprising amount of admin stuff which is endlessly frustrating when it involves spending hours on the phone and running to different departments, but this is all made up for by the stuff I get to do on the wards.

This week I got to help manage an acutely unwell wheezy toddler with the registrar as well as helping to diagnose and treat a case of meningitis. I learnt never to take things at face value in paeds. Our meningitis child turned up with a completely blanching vesicular rash, whereas you'd usually associate meningococcal septicaemia with a non-blanching pur-puric rash. Without assessing the patient as a whole it would have been so easy to dismiss the case as something less severe.

All the registrars I've met have been awesome. They're so willing to teach me as I've made it clear that I am very interested in a career in paediatrics.

I feel like a big loser as I'm actually looking forward to work on Monday. All the other FY1s were looking at me like I was nuts when I was in the pub on Thursday night because I admitted that I love my job even more than I expected to. Apparently being an FY1 in med or surgery doesn't inspire quite the same amount of love.

Dr Sunshine xXx

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