Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Small World

One of the strangest things for me about starting my new job is that it is in the nearest hospital to the town I grew up in. This leaves me having a multiple "gosh, what a small world" events every day.

Not only are a good 50% of the patients from my home town, but it turns out half the hospital staff seem to be related to people either I or my Dad know socially.

At least once a day I'll write a discharge notification and realise the GP is a parent of one of my friends. I get major paranoia that I'll do a bad job, they'll recognise my name, and I'll be dinner-table talk. "Oooh, remember that girl you went to school with? She's a useless doctor!". Needless to say my discharge notifications are unusually detailed.

Today I found out one of the child protection people is the Mum of one of my friends and she was very excited to see me on the ward. She asked if it felt weird being a doctor, but the weirdest thing is definitely being treated like a grown up by people who have known me since I was little.

In other work-related news I've finally pin pointed the person in charge of the audit I'm helping with. Can't wait to get stuck in, even if it does look like quite a lot of work! Fingers crossed I'll get to present it, I'm really missing doing presentations since leaving uni. I must love the sound of my own voice.

Now I've done 1/4 of my time in paeds I'm really getting the fear about moving to surgery. All the surgical FY1s look somewhere between death and tears 90% of the time when I see them. Eek!!

First pay day tomorrow... very excited. I have a feeling once I see the pay doesn't cover my credit card bill, I'll be much less excited.

Dr Sunshine xXx

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