Monday, 29 August 2011

Pay Day!

The 24th was my first ever pay day as a Doctor. Lots of my colleagues were moaning about how little we got paid, but to be honest I still find it a novelty to think that I'm getting paid at all. To make the occasion we went on a big Jnr Doctors dinner and then out for some drinkies the evening after. It was lovely.

I've since been enjoying my life as a solvent, independent woman.

I went out and bought a pair of lovely goldfish who now live in a big tank on my desk, where I can sit and talk to them and watch them flippering about. Very relaxing. I also bought an umbrella. Considering the weather recently I see this as a massive investment. No doubt I'll leave it at home/in my car and still get drenched though. In fact a big part of my hope that by buying an expensive umbrella the weather will magically improve.

In the week I'm going to do the most important thing I have to do with this months wages (except paying of a big chunk of my credit card bill), which is to take PapaSunshine out for dinner.

Less excitingly for him today, I am taking PapaSunshine to A&E. On my day off no less. He developed pitting oedema up to his knees overnight on the weekend when I wasn't home. I have now got myself into a flurry of worry (ooooh, rhymes) over it. I have a differential diagnosis of all kinds of sinister stuff going on in my head. Fingers crossed it will be something simple and harmless and A&E will laugh at me.

Dr Sunshine xXx


  1. May I suggest that Accident and Emergency is what it says - for accidents and emergencies. You'd get a better diagnosis by going to a specialist in primary care - the GP

  2. The fact he was feeling ill with it meant that on discussion with the GP they felt he'd be better treated in a&e. May I suggest that suggestions are only made when you know the full situation?