Monday, 21 November 2011

Continuing Professional Development

There are many things I could do to get me closer to my goal of being a paediatrician.

I could do a bit more on eportfolio. I could actually get stuck into my audit. I could revise some more for post graduate exams...

Do you know what I chose to do instead?

Watch Disney films.

I am justifying myself because by watching cartoons I can improve my rapport with children. This has got to be a good thing right? Anyway I've discovered a new second favourite Disney film. Tangled. It is AMAZING. It is everything you need in a good princess movie and more. I only put the DVD into my laptop so I watched it in small, but I'm hoping to convince a friend with a HUGE TV and surround sound to let me watch it there. I think the scene with all the paper lanterns will be breathtaking on a big TV.

I am so rock n roll!

Dr Sunshine xXx


  1. I'm sure you deserve the break either way.. *cough* ahem although it's not really a break since it's kind of like doing research.. Yeah, that's it! Research :P

  2. There is an easy, but drastic way to develop rapport with children. Have some.