Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Almost Advent

I LOVE the run up to Christmas.

I love the songs, the joy, the socialising, the sparkle.. In fact I love it all so much that I dread Christmas Day because it means it will all be over.

After a thoroughly horrible day at work (a full ward and 3 DKAs...) I was thrilled to get home and realise that tomorrow is the start of advent. I popped on some Christmas tunes (Loving the Buble's new album) and had to really hold back from opening my advent calendar early.

I've never been a fan of chocolate advent calendars, I've always loved the ones with pictures... but this year I have better. A friend got me a Lego pirates advent calendar. Lego, Pirates and Christmas all together!! In my excitement I shall be tweeting (@LilDrSunshine) and taking pics of what I get in my calendar every day. You never know I may even blog about it.

I realise that recently I've not mentioned much about work. I have less than a week as the paediatric FY1 left... this is really sad. I'm planning to tweet a typical day/week as a paeds fy1 when I get a chance to sit back and take stock of it all.

Dr Sunshine xXx

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  1. I just saw your lego pirate advent posts..and im super jealous! its a bit late for me to get one now, but i'm going to find one next year!