Thursday, 3 November 2011


I've been working for 3 months now, and I'm sure you're all aware that 90% of the time I LOVE everything about my job. This week I've had an even bigger smile on my face. Loads of people have been saying thank you to me...

This morning was the last day for 2 of our medical students. They brought me a box of malteasers to say thank you for all the extra teaching I had done with them. It was the sweetest gesture ever. Even without the choccies they were such a pleasure to teach that it had been great having them around. I hope it's also given the other students a hint that chocolate makes me smile!

As if that wasn't enough I went for my usual mid afternoon gossip with the nurses at the nurses station & they pulled out a letter from a parent which mentioned me by name and said that by taking the time to explain things to them & their child, as well as being generally happy and lovely, I'd made their time in hospital much better then they could have expected.

I'm going to remember that every time I feel rushed and flustered when talking to patients and remember to take the time to help them understand what's happening. It's also a good reason to remember to always smile and be nice to people. All of this has certainly improved my mood since yesterday.

Dr Sunshine xXX


  1. patients always make me smile when they say they'll never forget me!

  2. As you are usually such a grumpy grouch!