Wednesday, 22 February 2012

And So It Continues...

While I was a student I thought I led a pretty stressful life. Exams, lectures and lectures all taking up hours of what I thought would be my free time. Now I knew that when I graduated I'd still have a lot of work, but at the moment it really feels like I'm doing even more academic work than usual...

I'm revising for a postgraduate exam. I'm doing 2 audits. I'm writing a review paper. I'm making powerpoint presentations for peer teaching and medical student teaching. Somehow in amongst all of that I'm working 48 hours (although looking at my rota it averages at nearer 60) every week.

How do I do it?!

I don't. I just stress about my inability to get it done and spend the little amount of free time I have trying to maintain some kind of relationship with my friends. I also make sure I keep up to date with Desperate Housewives, this is nearly as important to me as passing my postgraduate exams.

I do enjoy it (when I'm not dying of exhaustion), and I keep telling myself it will all be worth it this time next year when I have a job offer and I can chill out for a couple of months. I just have to try and survive that long...

Dr Sunshine xXx

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