Sunday, 26 February 2012

Moving Again and Again and Again...

I don't feel like much of a grown up. In fact when I went to see The Muppets this weekend I was probably laughing and enjoying it more than most of the children. Even though I've graduated and started working I feel like much more of a child than I did this time last year... I blame this all on moving home for my fy1 year.

In 5 months I am going to have to make the step to being proper grown up. I'm going to have to move away from home (again).


It seems like a silly thing to worry about but it's been 4 yrs since I've had to flat hunt. The thought of dragging my tired self around countless flats while I try to eye up whether or not the others there are complete psychopaths, or would actually make nice flatmates fills me with dread.

I've never lived with someone I didn't know first before.

How do you decide if you'll like someone in 10 minutes? How do they decide that they like me? Should I bring cake to all my flat viewings just in case? And when do I need to start looking?

What's even scarier is that I'll have to do it all over again in a year when I move to London. Hopefully then I can stay put for a couple of years.

I really think life would just be much simpler if I bought a caravan.

Dr Sunshine xXx

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