Friday, 1 July 2011


continued from The Student Doctor Diaries.

As I stepped off the stage (without falling over), I realised that I've finally done it. The last 6 years at medical school are over and I'm actually a Doctor. I've spent the last decade aiming towards this very moment. I have to tell you all, that it is a pretty fabulous feeling to achieve something you have been working so long and hard for.

Even being bustled out of the cathedral and shouted at by a man with a megaphone couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Man-with-a-megaphone managed to organise the whole year group onto a big stand to have our year photo taken. This was no easy job. It was so overwhelming to look out at all the hundreds of proud parents, relatives, friends and other students crowding the area. The excitement almost bubbled over when we were introduced to the film crew for next years junior doctors TV program who are following a student from my uni. This rapidly turned into horror when we realised it meant another 10 minutes of standing in our killer heels on a giant stand while the free wine was warming up at the reception.

After enjoying a glass of (not so chilled) rose with my classmates I spent the rest of the afternoon with the most important person there. The person who taught me that I can do anything I want to. The person who was there for me when I doubted myself. The person who put up with my exam-induced mini break downs. The person who dropped everything to be there for me whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on. The person who gave me the nickname Sunshine and the more recent name Dr Sunshine. The person who has single-handedly brought me up for the last 10 years. My Dad. He always tells me how proud my Mum would be of me, but I think she'd be equally as proud of him for doing such a fantastic job as a parent. I like to think that she was there with us today, smiling at the two of us.

Thanks Papa!!

Dr Sunshine xXx


  1. Somebody stole the photographer's laptop with some of the pictures on it!

  2. I know... luckily not mine although the professional photos I had were hideous!! How do you know that?!

  3. Awesome blog - brought tears to my eyes

  4. That last paragraph (bar the not-so chilled wine) was one of the nicest bits of writing I've come across. And I love the new blog name! :)