Saturday, 30 July 2011

Shadowing Week

I can't quite believe that I've survived the whole first week of being a doctor. I guess I shouldn't get too excited as this week has only been induction and shadowing, so next week will probably be much more taxing.

I'm looking forward to the next 4 months so much. Paediatrics seems amazing. All the senior doctors are very supportive and lovely. Everyone seems keen to get me involves and hopefully I'll learn lots and lots of skills. Already this week I've been talked through and shown how to take bloods off babies. It's my turn next!

The registrars and SHOs have been giving me advice on the best way to make my CV look good for an application to paeds and I'm definitely going to follow their advice, so it looks like I'll be sitting more exams in April. I also get to do a paediatric immeadiate life support course as part of the rotation, which has to be a good thing.

On the subject of exams I had a prescribing exam on Friday. I think it went OK, but we'll see. If we fail it we have extra prescribing tutorials which I guess is useful, even if I wasn't very impressed when I was told I was sitting ANOTHER exam. Blergh.

Excitingly I have been voted Mess President. This means organsing lots of socialising. On the less fun side it means making sure the actual mess runs properly (has tea, coffee and food as well as Sky Sports) and helping to organise the summer ball. I also get to represent the junior doctors at various committees, which is nice because I like a rant when I feel that things are injust.

Anyway I have a ton and a half of stuff to sort out this weekend, so I better go and get myself organised in time for starting work again on Monday.

Dr Sunshine xXx

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  1. taking the first day of the job sure is lovely but as you go on and encounter many problems you will feel like you hate it but nonetheless carry it more in a passive way. job will be boring if there is no problem. :)

    Drei ~ barco scrubs