Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Oven Saga

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@LilDrSunshine) will probably know bits and bobs about the drama surrounding having my new oven fitted. You will also know that today my head almost exploded with fury.

I've always found a good ranty blog post makes me feel better, so here I go explaining the whole debacle.

Last year my oven broke. It was irrepairable. The hob still worked though so like any good student I just made do. Now I'm planning to rent out my flat. That means I need a working oven. Off to Curry's I went, picked a nice electric oven & hob and paid for it to be delivered and installed. I also paid for the old one to be taken away. Simples right? NOT right!

As the old oven was electric but with a gas hob I phoned up to make sure that they'd still be able to remove it. "Yes" she said, "Of course". I felt silly for even doubting them.

Delivery day came. The man arrived. "Oh" he said, "I don't do gas".


I thought it was an honest mistake and let him call up and rebook a new date for the oven to be fitted. 2 days later. Well they never turned up. Yes, I got stood up by Curry's. In a mild rage I phoned up and rebooked... yes that's a 3rd day wasted. The same man who came the first time turned up. He still didn't do gas.

I phoned them again. Explained the situation in a surprisingly calm manner and was thankful for the grovelling and offer to come and set up the oven on a Saturday.

Today was that Saturday.

I got up early. I waited. They turned up just after lunch which was nice timing. This time the man did do gas... hurrah!

He pulled out the oven and then said "Bollocks!".

This was not a good sign.

He needed something called terminal screws (which apparently are just long screws), but they don't have any. He disconnected the old gas oven and took it away. This left me with an oven sitting in the middle of my kitchen and a huge grotty gap where the old oven was. He also bored me for 15 minutes ranting about how he hated his job, how disorganised they were. I didn't think that was too professional. Nor was the boasting about his £25 an hour wages.

I had to phone back Curry's. This time my rage was more than noticeable. I ranted for about 5 minutes until the lady on the other end of the phone burst out laughing. She laughed in my face!!! Well, not actually in my face, but down the phone. I was unimpressed, but it did make me giggle too. So now they're coming on Monday.

This wasn't the end of the catalog of disasters. I needed a shower. All of a sudden the hot water wouldn't work. The boiler wouldn't light! It took a panicked phone call to Papa Sunshine, and his common sense to fix the problem. The gas fitter had forgotten to turn my gas back on.

After that I went to a hardwear store to get some "terminal screws". According to them there is no such thing. I had to graphically describe what the oven-fitter was doing and how he described the screws before they sold me some long screws. I hope they're the right ones.

Then I got wedged in the gap between the fridge and oven. I seriously thought I might be stuck there until I lost some weight, but thankfully had a friend who helped me wriggle out.

If anything else goes wrong today I'm sure I'll lose my temper, so I better sit on the sofa with a good book and wait until bedtime. My problem of not being able to have a hot dinner is thankfully being solved by a lovely sofa-picnic. I'm having mango juice, tomato salad and parma ham.... mmmmm!

Fingers crossed nowt else will go wrong!

Dr Sunshine xXx

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