Thursday, 14 July 2011

Packing Panic!

All hands to the deck. Unfortunately that's only 2 hands.

I hadn't found an tenant for my flat yet so was planning to just pack up over the next week and leave the place empty while I start work until they found someone. Then today a guy who is starting as an FY1 at the local hospital came and looked at the place and decided he wanted to move in. On Saturday. Yes, this Saturday.

The estate agent has talked him down until Sunday, but the flat still needs to be empty by tomorrow so it can be cleaned etc. I've sorted out for a gas guy to come and do the gas safety certificate, but I'm not entirely sure about the EPC. I originally thought the estate agents were doing it, but on second thoughts maybe they told me to do it?! Oops. Hopefully I'll be able to find out tomorrow and sort something out.

Anyway I shall be pulling an all nighter to try and pack up all my crap... I haven't even finished the bedroom and I've got 5 bags of rubbish to throw out. What a hoarder!

Dr Sunshine xXx

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