Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Grouchy Day

Due to all the annoying things I've had to do, I've been really grouchy today.

I spend the first half hour of my day chatting to council tax people and the rest of the morning in the council offices trying to sort out parking permits. When I'd finally done that, I got on a bus to meet a friend, and a car drove into the bus. Luckily no one was hurt, but it made me 20 minutes late!

For the next few hours I forgot my grouchiness and saw Wicked for the 4th time. It was awesome, as always. It made me wonder if for the next fancy dress I go to, I could possibly find a flying monkey costume? That would be awesome.

During the show I got a call from the estate agent. Don't panic... my phone was on silent and I wasn't insane enough to answer it, I just had a missed called when I came out of the theatre. Tomorrow they want to show around a "new junior doctor who will be working at the local hospital". I've told them to call me first, I want to firstly tell them how excited I am, because I too am a new junior doctor, and I want to tell them to drop the rental price of the flat. 

My flat is in an ex-council flat. It's in a grotty block. It's in the crap part of town. It has 2 redeeming features; firstly it's a stones throw from a big hospital, secondly the kitchen is HUGE. It certainly isn't worth what they want for it. I'd be happy with £100pcm less than they are charging. I'm starting to panic. I move out in 9 days and there's no one to move in. 

9 days. I'm not even close to packed. I also need to do lots of little DIY things in the flat. Putting up smoke alarms properly (blu-tac isn't really good enough), fixing the toilet seat and screwing the bath panel back on. I also need to sort out the stuff like getting the boiler checked and getting the place professionally cleaned. Tonight, however, my panic is more immeadiate. I need to hide all the stuff I've been packing tidily away and make sure the flat is sparkling clean tomorrow. Unfortunately with my sore back and inherent laziness I'm finding it hard to get started. I tried to clean a window but fell off the window-ledge. I think this was a sign.

Maybe I need to make a to do list? Yes, that sounds like a great use of time...

Dr Sunshine xXx

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