Sunday, 17 July 2011

Moving Home

It's finally done. I've moved all my stuff home so I guess that makes me one of those awful 20-somethings who moves back in with their parents.

It is such a mission fitting a whole flats worth of stuff into one bedroom. I'm going to be unpacking for weeks.

I ended up moving a week sooner than I planned to. Everything was such a rush. On Thursday a junior doc looked around the flat. Thursday night he said he wanted to move in on Sunday!! I have never packed so quickly. I also didn't think it was possible to get so much into such a little car.

Hopefully I'll still be up in London during the week, just overstaying my welcome with various friends.

On the drive back home from London, in the very packed car, I ended up being the first on the scene at a motorway accident. We were driving and noticed debris all over the road and saw a car stopped across the inside and middle lanes missing the entire front left hand side. No one else had stopped. I had a massive feeling of dread. Technically I'm now a doctor, even though I have no experience, that means I have to help. We pulled onto the hard shoulder and (after I checked I wasn't about to be run over), I ran to the car. I have never been so relieved when the driver got himself out of the car unharmed and said there were no passengers.

Amusingly 2 off duty policemen, an off duty nurse and and off duty fireman all stopped soon after that, much nicer than the 3 cars in front of us who just drove straight past the accident. Although it was an adrenaline rush I hope it never happens again. The man in the car was so lucky to get out unharmed. I've spent the time since wondering seriously what I would have done if this guy was hurt?! I guess I could have held his neck in line, or tried to minimize some bleeding. Really, out of a hospital, with no kit and no help, being a doctor is a scary idea.

To be honest, at the moment, even being a doctor in a hospital with all the equipment and help I can get seems like a scary idea.

Dr Sunshine xXx

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  1. This sounds like straight from Greys Anatomy or ER! You did a great job stopping by that car. Although I'm sure my heart would probably skip a beat or two.