Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Paperwork Mountain

The bane of my life is currently paperwork and emails.

You would not believe how much stuff you have to fill out to start work as a doctor. Before even graduating I had to fill out General Medical Council and Medical Defense Union paperwork, as well as about 25 sheets of forms from my new job. Since last week I've been bombarded with more paperwork and emails to send to the new job. Frustratingly it seems like I'm filling out the same stuff over and over and over. Between occupational health, human resources, parking permits, security clearance, computer log ons and a whole load of other stuff I'm slowly losing the will to live.

As well as that I have to sort out my council tax dilemma. Trying to convince the local council to only charge me from August (when I move out... tee hee hee). I think this is only fair as my letter says I'm a student until July, and my student card specifies July 31st. Somehow I don't think they'll see things the same way. I also need to sort out all the utilities and find someone to rent the flat. So much to do in 2 weeks.

I better dash off now, I told myself I was going to pack the whole living room tonight. I've so far done nothing. Oops. I blame the champagne picnic this afternoon followed by Japanese food in SoHo.

Dr Sunshine xXx

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